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Laser Frenectomy Procedures

Dental lasers were developed in the 1990s and are now used in many different applications in dentistry. At Total Kids Dental, we offer laser dentistry in Phoenix to remove dental cavities and to correct soft tissue issues, such as lip-ties and tongue-ties. The laser uses an intense beam of light to provide treatment that is effective and pain-free.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Phoenix laser dentistry, please call (602) 610-0338.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

Laser dentistry is a state-of-the-art treatment option for a variety of dental problems. The development of lasers for use in dentistry has provided new treatment options for tooth decay, lip-tie, tongue-tie, and other soft tissue problems that are more effective and heal faster than traditional methods. There are several benefits to using dental lasers to correct soft tissue problems.

The benefits of laser dentistry include:

  • Less anesthesia needed
  • Decreased need for stitches and sutures
  • Faster healing
  • Reduced risk of bacteria infection
  • Less bleeding and swelling

The laser works by cutting into the soft tissue, while sealing the blood vessels at the same time. This results in less bleeding during the procedure and a faster healing time after. Our dentist is skilled and experienced in laser dentistry, so you can rest assured that your child is in good hands.

Laser Treatment for Lip-Tie and Tongue-Tie

We offer laser dentistry in Phoenix for lip-tie and tongue-tie. A lip-tie occurs when there is extra tissue that attaches the upper lip to the gum. A tongue-tie occurs when there is extra tissue that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Whether a child has an upper lip-tie or a tongue-tie, it can cause discomfort and possibly other dental health problems.

A lip-tie causes problems, such as:

  • Spacing between the front upper teeth
  • Difficulty keeping the teeth and gums clean
  • Trouble with latching for nursing infants
  • Painful breastfeeding for the mother
  • Creating a space for food to become trapped, causing decay

When there is too much tissue connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, the condition is known as a tongue-tie. This can result in jaw pain for the child and you may hear jaw clicking noises. In addition, children can have difficulty producing certain sounds and forming certain words, which can lead to a speech impediment.

The Frenectomy Procedure

Kids can be born with a lip-tie, tongue-tie, or both. Having both a lip and tongue tie can cause severely restricted movements, which can cause problems with breastfeeding, speech problems, and other general and dental health problems. The procedure to correct a lip or tongue tie is known as a frenectomy, which releases the tissue that is restricting the movement of the mouth to help increase the range of motion.

We perform the frenectomy procedure using laser dentistry in Phoenix. The laser uses a beam of light to remove the extra tissue precisely and efficiently. For most children, the treated area heals in days. If your child has a lip-tie, tongue-tie, or both, we can evaluate your child and determine if laser treatment is the best option. We accept most dental insurance for this procedure and payment plans are available for treatment that is not covered by insurance.

Please call our office at (602) 610-0338 to learn more about the benefits of Phoenix laser dentistry and schedule an appointment for your child.

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